Gulp basics.

Gulp. Without understanding how it works, reading the file can make programmers perform its namesake. (Still, it's better than the equivalent for Grunt. Oh snap!) Gulp »

Code coverage.

Writing tests are useful, but on large projects it can be easy to lose track of what portions have been tested. That is where the concept »

First Chrome extension: searching Stack Overflow.

I created my first Chrome extension! It makes it much easier to search Stack Overflow. All you do is type so into the omnibar, hit space »

Upgrading the dev environment at Hack Reactor.

Every morning at Hack Reactor, the computers are wiped and restored to default settings. This makes a great deal of sense for the school. They generally »

Shortcuts, Snippets, and Macros: Boosting Your Productivity in Sublime.

Sublime Text 2 offers three wonderful ways to increase your productivity: shortcuts, snippets, and macros. They are absolutely worth taking the time to master and explore »